Hello, my name is Tim Barton and I make each fountain by myself and it is great fun to do so. A fountain is made of a new material that allows treasures to be glued right to the surface. Any strong glue will work and items can be removed just as easily. You have choices to build YOUR fountain. Tell me what you want the shape to be and I can make it happen. One spout or two. Single peak shape or rolling hill feel. The base is sturdy and waterproof (not wood). I will send you the size dimensions you can create your fountain from. Each base and pump is the same but what builds above that base/bowl and how the water gets pumped is up to you. The fountain pictured is the basic design, if you are happy with that so am I. I think it works well and looks good. Questions? Please contact me at my personal email: TimPiano @outlook.com

You can buy YOUR fountain for a total cost of $265 through a safe, secure PayPal and Credit Card PORTAL Click HERE for PayPal/Credit Card Purchase